Organization Overview: Maria-Christina has spent over 25 years counseling others in utilizing Spiritual Principles and Universal Laws to navigate every main area of life where many experience challenges both great and small; ranging from mild chaos to full blown unmanageability.

Project Overview: Maria-Christina didn’t have a website but felt she needed more than social media to help increase her business and reach more people.  Maria-Christina had a minimal budget and literally no experience with websites. We chose WordPress so she could easily update and maintain her site.

Solution: In order to help her achieve these goals, we built a relatively simple website that provide information about her services and also attracts clients who want better themselves with her coaching and spiritual healing. We created a simple yet elegant WordPress website that highlights Maria-Christina’s passion and work with others. Maria-Christina was extremely happy that she can easily update her new website. So much so, we are in the planning stages to expand the site to include her podcasts.

Maria Christina Williams

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